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Little Sasebo Shop > "Higono Shoukyuu" (Fire-fighting Ball) (3balls+1pack) 10set
g00002 "Higono Shoukyuu" (Fire-fighting Ball) (3balls+1pack) 10set
"Higono Shoukyuu" (Fire-fighting Ball) (3balls+1pack) 10set
¥61,574 (Tax excluded.)  
(3balls+1Pack)x10sets Price: 92,600(Tax excluded.)・Special Price: \61,574 (Tax excluded.)

Although the fire-extinguishes are arranged almost everywhere, they are rather heavy, weighting 2kg to 9.8kg. Most popular type generally arranged is Type 10, and its weight is 5.2kg. This is quite difficult for the aged, children and persons with physical disability to handle. In many cases, some of those people encounter with accidents or injury.
In order to solve such problems, we have developed “Higono Shoukyuu” (Fire-fighting Ball) as simple fire-fighting tool.
This is plastic ball of 7cm diameter and 200grams containing extinguishant. You can extinguish fire by throwing this ball into the base of fire. Wheel chair persons can extinguish fire.

Patent No. 5725285

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"Higono Shoukyuu" (Fire-fighting Ball)
"Higono Shoukyuu" (Fire-fighting Ball)(3balls+1pack)
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