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Shopping Guide

Procedure-1:Please select Goods and decide quantity to buy.
Please click "a button to put in a basket".

When you click "a button to put in a basket", you can confirm the conditions in a basket.
Procedure-2: Confirmation of contents of your order.
You will be shifting to the Page of Order Confirmation, please confirm total goods.
You can also go back to Shopping Page and order other goods.

In Confirmation Page, sub-total of goods, consumption tax, forwarding charge, and grand total are displayed.
Regarding forwarding charge, please confirm here.
Please confirm Forwarding charge.

If everything is all right, please click the button to go to Register.
Procedure-3: Order procedure and Member Registration (Free of charge).
When placing an order, you can register as a Member (Free of charge).
After you enroll in a Member, you can confirm your purchase history.
In the case of the order after the second, you can omit the trouble of the personal information input, too. In addition, For those selected "hoping" for "shop information", we will send the information of a new product and the unique product by an email in future.
When you click "new registration" “for exclusive use of a member" on the left, a registration (free) form is displayed.

In case you do not enroll in a Member, please select the button “will not enroll in a Member” and click the button “go to Customer information input”.
When an order is confirmed, an e-mail confirming the contents of your purchase order shall be sent to your e-mail address. Since this e-mail might have gone to your Spam mail holder, please check your Spam mail holder if this e-mail did not reach to you after order.
Within 2 days after receiving your purchase order, we will send an e-mail confirming the receipt of your purchase order from our company.
If you should not have received this e-mail from our company, please make inquiry to or mobile phone number +81-80-5277-8244.
Thereafter, we will contact to you about dispatching date of the goods and etc.